Peanut Butter Cookies Made from Hand Shelled Peanuts

The ones that know me will understand my logic behind the decision to use shelled peanuts in this recipe. It was not that huge of an undertaking and as mentioned in my previous post I am in the process of moving and peanuts is one of those things that I randomly have in my pantry. I really needed to use them up and eating a whole container of peanuts seemed a little gluttonous. Mind you I ate 6… make it 8 cookies when they were finished baking. 

Can I just say WOW! the personal touch of hand-shelling peanuts was so worth it! Being resourceful just got delicious!!

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One Response to Peanut Butter Cookies Made from Hand Shelled Peanuts

  1. boogie. says:

    i am drooling!!! handcrushed peanuts? i bet that tastes amazing & so moist & chewy!

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