Seven Layer Cookie

For the past two years I have really wanted to organize a cookie exchange between friends. This year I was determined to host a cookie exchange. I don’t know anyone (slight exaggeration) who wouldn’t want to bake cookies only to get more cookies! My cookie exchange is happening.

Through sweat and tears I discovered two recipes that I adapted from different sources which I felt were perfect for the upcoming cookie exchange. This is one of the two cookie recipes I made. Get excited for the next one. Tastebud hint: there is lemon in it.

I found this seven layer cookie recipe on Smitten Kitchen where I tend to go for inspiration. I REALLY adapted the recipe. I did not use any food colouring  and cut some of the sugar from the original recipe. This recipe is very similar to petit fours. The only difference is that instead of chocolate as a topping, the squares are dipped in a fondant and have piped melted chocolate designs.

Why is a random scrap of paper in this photo? No, I did not bake that too. This is the recipe for the desired cookie. Actually, this is what all my recipes look like when I use recipes from the world wide web. I dislike bringing a laptop into the kitchen so I have a way interpreting the internet version into an unlegible scrap of paper. But of course I can read it!

I figured I would eventually have something about jars on my blog. I just didn’t figure it would be so soon. There is no need to judge the jar!  Jars are very comforting to me. There is something about drinking water from a glass container that was originally used for homemade Saskatoon berry jam.  Maybe I am a “one of those” people that people tend to roll their eyes at. That won’t stop me from taking a large satisfying gulp from my jar!

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2 Responses to Seven Layer Cookie

  1. Gaëtanne Sartoretto says:

    Hi Anna,

    This Seven Layer Cookie looks amazingly delicious!!! I will definitely give this recipe a try! Thanks for sharing!


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