Hoddeok – sweet pancake with a brown sugar and peanut filling

I first tried hoddeok within the first week or two of arriving in Korea. I was determined to make it myself in my small kitchen. I discovered Maangchi’s wonderful website and found a hoddeok recipe (

These fried up dough balls filled with sugar are so delicious. The aroma from the street stand can be ‘sniffed’ out very easily. If a scent of sweetness ever approaches, walk in the right direction and you will be greeted by a lovely street vendor happy to serve you this 500 won (like 50 cents Canadian) treat. Because cakes and cookies here are actually not good, my sweet tooth demands I turn to hoddeok and rice cakes… or anything filled with a sweet red bean paste. 

My weekend… was filled with running and eating. I can’t complain.

Now lets compare hoddeok… 

 Mine did not taste as greasy as the street vendors usually do. But I was ultimately very satisfied with how mine turned out!

Wish you were here to try the leftovers… ahem, I mean walk to a street vendor to get more!

Love Anna xoox

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4 Responses to Hoddeok – sweet pancake with a brown sugar and peanut filling

  1. Angie says:

    MY FAVORITE! mmmmm. I will have to try this one! p.s. your recipe doesn’t say how much flour. :/ I will check maangchi! And, you’ll have to check in on my blog in a couple of days, I’ve got a post in the works about the Korean cooking I’ve been doing — most importantly, I’ve successfully mastered the art of dolsot bibimbap! 🙂

    Anyways, miss you lady! Glad to see all is still well there. Drop me a line or skype me sometime!

    • farmeggs says:

      Dear Angela,

      Thanks for the remark! I can’t believe I forgot to type in the flour amount, thanks for letting me know. I have now adjusted the recipe! It is 2 cups of flour that I used approximately… hope you are having a great day!


  2. Ryan Berkebile says:

    Seriously looks good! I’m gonna try as soon as I find a place to live!

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