>Korea:boong uh bbang

Fish bread or boong uh bbang is a snack that is served here on the streets. It is a crunchy waffle like outside filled with  scrumptious red bean paste filing or a cream based filling. This vendor is one of my go to spots after work for a quick burst of energy before I go for a run. It costs 1, 000 won (a loonie) for 3 of these ‘fish breads’.  

 I found out yesterday that these ‘fish breads’ are a winter snack and will only be sold at my favourite vendor until May! Don’t fret I will be sure to get my fill and yours before these stalls shut down!

I don’t know what my go to snack will be after that! But you can always stay tuned to find out!

Much Love,

Anna xoxo

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One Response to >Korea:boong uh bbang

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t know they will stop selling these come winter. I LOVE these.. red bean is so delicious in Korea!

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