Pan-fried banana cakes

French toast, pancakes, pan-fried… I think it is pretty obvious I don’t have an oven and am really trying to get creative when it comes to baking. I will expand into rice dishes and kimchi soon… but my stubbornness is a little restless and wants to prove to the world… (or myself) that I don’t need an oven to bake…

WOW… I really dislike that photo of my kitchen. Normally when I am in the kitchen I am SURE to keep it tidy… but with approximately 15cm of counter space I don’t really have much of a choice…

You can’t really go wrong with fried bananas… it really adds a bit of extra banana-ness to the recipe… and a wonderful aroma to a tiny apartment! I would have added some rum… but all I have in my cupboard is some gin and I don’t think that would go well with the bananas for this recipe.

These banana cakes brightened my day when I couldn’t find a bicycle to rent. I hope they brighten your day as well! Be sure to be creative, I added some peanut butter and peanuts on top of mine but for an even MORE decadent dessert you could make a peanut butter icing and drizzle some dark chocolate on top… and a side serving of ice cream? I think so!!

Considering I didn’t use an oven, these banana cakes turned out to taste very similar to banana bread. I think it really has to do with cooking the banana twice. Also, I would highly recommend eating them once they have cooled so the banana flavour has time to develop.

Hope you enjoy! Missing you lots,

Much love,

Anna xoxo

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2 Responses to Pan-fried banana cakes

  1. Lol, I love the picture of your kitchen! I can totally relate, mine looks just like that when I cook too!

    • farmeggs says:

      I am glad someone can relate! It is so difficult, but it totally shows just how creative you have to be with your counter space!
      PS> I liked the smoothie recipes you posted, they look like great after-workout drinks

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