Applesauce yogurt parfait

Layers of fruit, topped with yogurt, nuts, grains and anything else you happen to find in your pantry. That is the basis of a parfait. How does a parfait party sound?

It is holiday central in Korea right now. Last Thursday was Children’s day and today is Buddha’s Birthday. I am having a party to celebrate and parfaits are on the menu.

In order to make my parfait a little different from the typical berries and yogurt combo. I made applesauce. It is so easy and requires three ingredients. Apples, cinnamon and water. Don’t forget the cinnamon. Dress those apples up like its your job!!

I know that my friends and family not in Korea will not be celebrating Buddha’s birthday or Children’s day. But don’t let that stop you from making a parfait. I can only imagine using spring fresh Ontario fruits to make this parfait heavenly. This is like most of my recipes I have posted… there is loads of room for creativity! So don’t be afraid to switch it up and do what you like with it! Hope you enjoy!

Much love,

Anna xoxo

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