>Korea: Half-marathon

It feels surreal that I am now in my apartment typing about an experience I never thought I would ever experience. I really can’t believe that I have now run a half marathon. What do I have to show? A big bag of rice! The ‘swag’ for the race was a big bag of rice. How awesome is that?

It is funny because this is the same weekend in Canada when I always make a point to run the 10km race in Ottawa. The race itself was beautiful, it was in a town called Hwacheon which is about 2-2/12 hours north of Seoul. The run goes along this gorgeous river and weaves its way through the mountains. It is a very flat course (thankfully). 

I ran the race in about 1 hour and 52 minutes. My goal was to just get under 2 hours. During the race I ran with a Korean for a while, he would wait for me at the water stops and push me to run a little faster, eventually he let me go ahead of him. I was sure to cheer him on when I finished the race. And as I was walking around with my friend he saw me and poured me some  makgeolli (rice wine)! It was a pretty neat experience.

BBQ at the end of a race? Heck no, there were noodles served with kimchi and vegetable pancakes. And of course a huge bowl of mockley.

The other really interesting thing for my running friends reading this is that there were not really any recreational runners. Everyone that ran the race came with a running club or team and were in really good shape. 

It was such a great experience, I would love to do it again… after a few days of rest… maybe weeks?

Love you all lots,

Anna xoxoxo

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