>Korea: Transit to Tropics

Long weekend = time to get out of the city… slightly.

Slightly because to get to ‘the tropics’ of the Seoul area I took two buses and wheeled past the Inchon International airport. It made me think about my arrival in Korea because it just so happens that June 5th  marks four months in Korea. Pretty wild.

The map above shows you the two beaches I visited. It was a pretty great little retreat. I found the map at this website, – which was a great little discovery today, it has maps (in English) of a few of other places in Korea. There are also maps for other countries listed there too!

I went with a few friends and we stayed in a quaint little place that was closest to Eulwang Beach, but only about a five minute walk from Wangsan beach. It was nice to be near the sea and catch some rays.

I have never been a huge seafood person, but when the sea called… I answered. I discovered that I actually do enjoy shellfish! I haven’t gotten into octopus, squid, lobster or crab… yet…


 At night on the beach, people like to light fire crackers. They can be purchased from any convenient store along the beach. It was a little scary to watch because the majority of people were holding the fireworks while shooting them off.

On the last day we were sure to get as much sun as possible… even though we were a little burnt from the first day on the beach. I was really hoping to go swimming but everyone here swims fully clothed. No one on the beach was in a bathing suit, so I would have looked very out-of-place. I hope to find a place I can go swimming, especially when it starts to get really warm in the summer months!

It may not have been the same as a long weekend at a friends cottage, but it was still loads of fun!

Much love,

Anna xoxo

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