>Korea: ‘Great Expectations’


It is officially rainy season in Korea. What to do on a rainy day?… Read… read… read

I brought half a suitcase of books with me to read… and I have successfully purchased six other books to read…

Currently I am reading Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’…. and it is the perfect read for a rainy day!

This weekend I didn’t ONLY read… I really didn’t want to let the weather stop me from doing things… I went to an orchastra performance at the Seoul Arts Center…… it was incredible. It made me miss my visits to the National Art Centre in Ottawa! I also visited a local coffee shop that I have been eyeing ever since I got here… 

The finale to the weekend involves some food (to be posted soon!) and a visit to feed the homeless. I haven’t been to ‘Feed Your Seoul’ in a month or two and made a point to go this weekend. It is really important for me to go because the Seoul community has given me so much and taking a few hours to give back is the least I can do!  

It may be raining but I won’t let that stop my adventures…

Much love,

Anna xoxoxo

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