Yubuchobap – Seasoned tofu pockets with rice

This dish may look like a diffiult dish… but its not… really…

The only effort required is making rice, ripping, pouring and stirring… well I added some shaved carrot to make it look even more appealing… but do what you please… please…


Yup that is right… you are witnessing… or should I say reading my first blog post/recipe where I used a bagged/boxed processed type food. I almost always avoid using these types of products… but I was at a picnic with all the kindergarten kids and they brought this seasoned tofu with rice and I couldn’t stop eating it. One thing led to another and now you find me typing this! I just couldn’t resist.

 Maangchi also has a post on Yubuchobap – with a step to step guide on how to make it…

Ok… I also have a confession to make…

 …all of the ‘material’ that I use for my photos are actually pieces of clothing… and yes I wear them… did you actually think that I brought metres upon metres of fabric with me?? I really didn’t want to have to share this news but I think some people have figured it out… especially the sister who knows my wardrobe better than me. 

Even though my version of yubuchobap came from a bag I am sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to whip up some of your own tofu pockets! Hey, who knows, maybe I will attempt it… one day… but I won’t make any promises! 

Hope you enjoy! Miss you all,

Love, love, love

Anna xoxoxo

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