Plum pops

Summertime = ice cream… maybe not the most healthiest snack but it is what allows me to beat the heat… and it is a lot cheaper than air conditioning.

It is officially plum and peach season here in Korea! Whipping up a crumble or something using the stove top was out of the question. My apartment is already too hot and I didn’t want to add to the problem.

I thought about adding the skins, but I think it would make for an odd consistency when gnawing into one of these pops. They turned out pretty good! I struggled getting them out of the glasses. But they were refreshing and not too sweet! Exactly what I was looking for.


I used shot glasses to make the smaller pops and stuck a toothpick into the mixture before it froze. I liked this size the best. Small and bite sized, perfect for when your on the run… If you have a popsicle tray I would suggest using that, but I didn’t want to buy one so I made do with what I had in my kitchen. Adjust the recipe to whatever suits the crowd you are pleasing.

Hope you enjoy and beat the heat!

Much Love,

Anna xoxoxo

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