>Korea: Visitor

One ticket.

One sister.

One flight.

Ten days of awesomeness.

Ok so I will admit I was very scared to have someone from my Canada life come to Korea. I have really established myself in a country I used to know nothing about. It was scary to think the life I have made here might be briefly interrupted.

But I had nothing to be scared of… yes it is hard to try to show her all I have learned… but I am so lucky to have the opportunity to even share some of my experiences with someone.

When this post is published we will be in Jeju exploring new territory together! I will be sure to blog about our island adventures!

Much Love,

Anna xoox

>PS. My sister will be taking my computer home with her when she leaves… so I will not be able to blog… I am very picky about the photos I use and an internet cafè may not be able to do everything I would like it to do. I will try my best to post updates… but I am not sure how frequent they will be… it is NOT the end of my blog… but it might be a temporary break from blogging until I return to Canada… I will keep you all posted!

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