Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake

Monday morning should always start with chocolate chocolate chocolate cake. Trust me, it is great. Why chocolate chocolate chocolate and not simply triple chocolate? Well, we got chocolate cake with chocolate whipping cream and chocolate ganache all piled together to create this delicious ensemble.

I also happened to make 3 cakes… just because my current roomates (from New Zealand) are leaving and I wanted to do something for them that they could enjoy. As I understand when you are travelling a small gift is just too big because you never have enough room to pack everything, plus they have to keep enough room for me to fit into their suitcase. And I can’t be eating much of this cake if that is to happen.

 It also just so happened that another friend was having a birthday this weekend. So one of these cakes dropped by to visit and was never to return… well that is usually the story with chocolate chocolate chocolate cake!

 I will miss my friends who are flying to Europe and then to New Zealand after backpacking for a bit. But I am so happy to have crossed paths with them and hope I get another chance to make chocolate chocolate chocolate cake for them. The sooner the better! Miss you dudes, and have an awesome adventure!!

Much Love,

Anna oxxoxo

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