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Trail Mix Cookies

Travelling is best way to find inspiration when it comes to photography and food. I always like to be prepared when I am about to hit the road! Snacks, drinks, a good playlist (or dj), and road trip games are what make being on the road a break from a normal day. It also gives me an excuse to feed people yummy things like these trail mix cookies.

I was recently in Chicago and had an amazing time, great food, great music, inspiring art, and absolutely stunning architecture. I only took a few snaps while strolling, but I thought I would share them with you.
Realistically, trail mix is the perfect in between snack that helps me to get by until the next meal. It also leads to several 1/8th full bags in my ingredient cabinet leaving me with the perfectly balanced add-ins for a cookie. These cookies are best if you make them a day in advance and freeze them overnight. They will be the most chewy and you will want to make them again!
What are your essential snacks on the road?
Thanks for passing through and hope to see you again soon!
Much love,
Anna oxoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Trail Mix Cookies”
  1. Ngan R. March 4, 2014 on 12:07 pm Reply

    Anna, gorgeous photos (as always). I want to visit Chicago someday, but for now, will just live vicariously through your photos. My essential snack for road trips or travel are mixed nuts and/or ProBars (filling without being overly sweet). I will have to try your trail mix cookies for my next trip!

    • cupcakesalwayswin March 5, 2014 on 10:04 pm Reply

      It was a really nice little getaway. Those snacks sound like the perfect road trip munchies! Thanks for commenting, and I look forward to reading your blog too! :)

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