Peanut Butter Power Cookies (GF + Vegan)

After a run I usually do a little yoga. On one particular day when the sun finally began to feel warm I was able to do my post-run stretches outside. Before I knew it I was not the least bit concerned about exercise and was flat on my back soaking up every ray of sunshine. In these moments I find myself lost in the sky, staring at the clouds moving around above me. It is an awakening moment until I realize that it’s been thirty minutes and my stomach needs some re-fueling. Enter these amazing peanut butter power cookies. I don’t feel bad eating them because it’s a little sweetness chock-full of nuts, seeds, and oats. With a glass of milk (vegan milk or not!), it’s the perfect recovery treat!
Our backyard is filled with beautiful flowers just beginning to bud and bloom, along with an adorable red shed & red picnic table. It is a photographer’s perfect storm when props appear and they just happen to match! I immediately started figuring out a way to do a little photo shoot. Thank goodness for the timer on my camera which allowed me to be a little more creative and do a bit of modelling with the cookies.
CookiePicnic_web-16 CookiePicnic_web-8
An update on my recipe book post from last time. My dear friend in Hong Kong won my recipe book! Congrats Siuka! For anyone else interested in purchasing a book email me at and I will get one to you. I am planning on doing a pay what you can, as long as the printing cost is covered which is $11.50, feel free to pay what you like! I would also need you to pay for the required shipping. For each purchase I will figure out the mailing fees as well. I really appreciate all of the support I have received from everyone interested in my book, and I hope to send them out to a few people! Please place your order before June 1, so I can get them printed and sent out right away!

Also, doesn’t my website look super!?!? My friend create a template just for me, it is so much easier to use, and MUCH easier to find recipes, if you are looking for a specific recipe be sure to check out the nicely organized recipe page! It’s pretty cool!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more awesome recipes in the making,
Anna xoxox

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2 Responses to Peanut Butter Power Cookies (GF + Vegan)

  1. Julie says:

    These look amazing Anna! I can’t wait to try them! -Julie

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