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My name is Anna!

Thanks for stopping by! My website is a collection of recipes that I make myself. I also style the food and take the photos myself. (I didn’t take the photos in my about page, these were taken by Barbara Kowalski. Barbara is awesome and does a lot of different photography. Check out her website!). I use this site as a way to keep in touch with people interested in my various adventures in and out of the kitchen! (But… mainly in the kitchen).

>my passion: When I enter the kitchen I check out what’s available in my pantry and get to work. It’s my time to really take a recipe and make it my own. Adapting a recipe and making it my own allows me to practice my personal kitchen ethics. I work to use ingredients that are close to home and natural. I’m a vegetarian that loves making vegan recipes because there is usually more fiber & protein, and they usually taste better.

>my experience: I went to college for a certificate in Baking, along with finishing an undergrad in Communications. This website is my playground for testing out photography, and design techniques along with styling, and creating recipes. I’m always trying something new and testing a recipe until it’s just how I like it, and I hope it’s how you like it too! My experience with cooking is also balanced with outdoor time and exercise. The only way for me to have a healthy relationship with my appetite is to run kilometre after kilometre and push myself to new fitness goals!

>travel: I love to travel! I try to incorporate foods from the different countries I have visited. From teaching English in Korea, working on farms, to backpacking around Asia, I’m super grateful for all I’ve seen and hope to get outside and see some more! To see more of my out of kitchen adventures check the world travels tab at the top to find travel photos and stories.

>your turn: Take a seat (if you are not already seated), grab a beverage of choice (I do not judge) and enjoy browsing through my life made by recipes! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to let me know what you think by commenting on my blog and I will try my best to respond. Feel free to email me at or follow me on Twitter, @cupcakesalways or instagram @cupcakesalwayswin

Wishing you the best, from my kitchen to yours,


P.S If you are interested in using any of my photos, please ask. Thank you!


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