Orange Shortbread and Chocolate Ganache

A relaxing Friday has approached. This week was filled with homemade bruscetta, pasta and chocolate ganache for strawberries to be dipped in. Well seeing as my stomach is bigger than my eyes I had way too much left over ganache.

But this is never a problem… leftovers = creativity

While walking home from a job fair I decided what I would use that leftover ganache for… a topping for orange shortbread. I have never tried baking fruit directly on top of a shortbread but it turned out great! I think the added orange zest in the shortbread made it extra citrusy.

 Ganache is a really easy way to cover a bar or cake, it is a little softer than regular chocolate melted and placed on top of a bar or cake because of the whipping cream. It is really easy to make, its equal parts whipping cream and melted chocolate, so the amount you need can be increased or decreased with no stress!

Its snowing here! Everytime it snows it feels like the first snow in December because the snow never lasts. So here is hoping that is lasts a little longer this time!!

Have a great weekend!

Much Love, Anna xoxo

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