Banana Almond Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Buttercream




I am just saying…

This morning was an early one, I wanted to get to my favourite baking supply shop so I could get started on these lovely treats. I thought the pretty muffin papers (I bought at IKEA…say what!?!?) were meant for mini muffins… when actually they are just vertical sized regular cupcake wrappers. Complicated… I think so, but nothing spells out excitement like me today. I got a 24 mini muffin tin! I absolutely love making mini muffins/cupcakes and have been restrained to a 12 mini muffin pan for, oh, too long.

Maybe you understand my over excitement now about this post… a combination of too much sugar and new baking utensils…


If you are not drooling, in your kitchen or running to your nearest bakery by now… here is one more that will get you into gear!

Well now everyone knows I had a wonderful day. I hope you all had wonderful days of your own!

Much Love,

Anna oxxoxo

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