I have recently had an obsession with spanakopita. It all began one evening when a friend popped by with a large bag of spinach and a lot of feta. Oh the difficulties of being obsessed with food. She really wanted to make spanakopita from the recipe book I got at the library titled Farmstead Chef.

That was the beginning of my spanakopita indulge because I recently started getting a Good Food Box from foodshare Toronto and each week the box has contained spinach. After using spinach in many smoothies and salads I decided to make spanakopita…a few more times.

I will always allow the aroma of cooked spinach and onion to fill the pockets of my kitchen. It is a challenge to not eat it before it gets baked with feta and phyllo sheets!

The recipe at Farmstead Chef calls for fresh dill which I didn’t use this particular time I made it. I found it tasted just as good without the dill. I used oregano this time!

If you were to do a time lapse of this dish while it is baking in the oven you would see the lovely layers of butter and phyllo go to work to create light and flaky layers filled with a spinach, feta and egg filling. It doesn’t get much better than that!

After eating spanakopita for breakfast, lunch and dinner I finally decided to blog about it! Maybe next week I will get something new in my food box to be excited about!

Hope you enjoy!

Much Love,

Anna xoxo

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4 Responses to Spanakopita

  1. Sarah says:

    I LOVE spanakopita!! And, I’ve always figured it’s healthy with so much spinach 🙂 I’ve never tried to make it because I think it looks so hard, but your recipe might change my mind. I buy my feta in bulk. Can you tell me how many grams a block is? Thanks for the great recipe, Anna!

    • I am glad you might try it! It is actually pretty easy once you set your mind to it! I bought my feta from a cheese counter and they just had blocks of it. I forgot to look at the weight but I would say it was around 500g, or about 10-15cm in thickness. Hope this helps, the next time I am in the store I will ask them to weigh a block and get back to you!! 🙂
      Have a great day

  2. Marc Freeman says:

    I just read this and I haven’t had dinner yet, rookie error. My stomach is positively screaming at me for some spnakopita! Darn you Anna and your delicious treats. They forever haunt my taste bod dreams.

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