Cocoa Kettle Corn


This is a delicious recipe that is simple and has pretty much been an addictive snack since the 18th century. The only change I made was adding a touch of cocoa. Which made it all the more tastier! Now, not only is it sweet and salty but there is little hint of cocoa.



This is my final recipe contribution (for now) to Live Below the Line Canada. If you missed my other posts, here are the links: Homemade Pasta with Roasted Garlic  and Vegan and Gluten-Free Chickpea Blondies.

If  you haven’t checked out Live Below the Line yet you most definitely should! From April 29-May 3, everyone is being challenged to eat for only $1.75 a day.  It is a wonderful initiative and a great challenge. I will be working to make it a habit to eat for $1.75 once a month so developing these recipes has really helped me realize just how much I have, and how it really isn’t difficult to eat for a little amount as long as you are prepared and plan ahead.



Go team Live Below the Line! Wishing all the participants the most fun in the kitchen, be creative and have fun!

Enjoy the day and thanks for stopping by!

Much Love,

Anna xoxoxoxo


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